How Do I Chose A Sleep Apnea Machine?

CPAP vs. Auto-CPAP Machine


If you have been diagnosed just recently with Sleep Apnea, it is not as complicated as it sounds.  There are many options when best trying to choose your care, but when discussing sleep apnea therapy, there is a lively debate in the community as to which machine is superior: the classic continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine, or the auto titrating positive airway pressure (autoPAP) machine.  While autoPAP machines are slightly more expensive, the devices can respond to long term therapeutic changes that occur in a patient’s sleep therapy lifecycle.  Some patients prefer one device over the other, and in this article we will discuss the pros and cons of each device as well as some long term trends affecting each machine’s popularity.

CPAP Machines

AirSense 10 Machine
AirSense 10 Machine

Traditional CPAP machines were created to supplement your normal breathing cycles and patterns through tubing and a CPAP mask.  It provides a pressurized stream of air to prevent apneas and hypopneas while sleeping.  Continuous Positive Airway Pressure is unanimously known as the best method to treat sleep apnea, and CPAP machines provide a pre-prescribed set treatment during the night.  Your doctor will have you attend a sleep study, which can indicate whether or not you have sleep apnea.  Before CPAP Supplies Plus/Direct ships your CPAP machine, we will set the machine with your personalized pressure from the sleep study to make sure that you receive the best experience possible.

AutoPAP Machines

ICON Auto Machine
ICON Auto Machine

AutoPAP machines provide the same quality therapy that the original CPAP machine provides, but can adjust to differing levels of pressure needs throughout your sleep.  Advanced technological sensors in the autoPAP machine detect changing needs in your sleep apnea therapy and change the pressure accordingly.  In clinical studies, autoPAP machines deliver more successful patient outcomes and can provide a more streamlined therapeutic experience.

The new trend in the sleep testing industry is to provide patients the comfort of their own home while testing for obstructive sleep apnea.  Home sleep tests, also known as a polysomnography, are heavily favored by most insurance companies due to their ease, reliability, and predictability.  After sleep testing, the data is sent to a doctor specializing in sleep, who then interprets the results.  In the event the patient does have sleep apnea, he or she typically is prescribed an autoPAP machine.  While the machine tends to be slightly more expensive, its dynamic pressure settings make it extremely popular to make sure patients’ changing needs are met over time.  Given changes in the insurance industry, the autoPAP’s popularity will continue to increase due to its ability to respond to changes in patients’ breathing needs.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully you now have a better understanding of what the equipment is, but it is best to talk to your Doctor to determine what is best for your individual needs.

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