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Is My CPAP Machine Working Properly?

Transitioning into CPAP therapy is certainly an adjustment, but when done with a properly working machine, therapy can help reduce feelings of tiredness and fatigue as well as eliminate any instances of apneas.  Remember, these apneas often leave you waking throughout the night which can cause sleepiness, dry mouth, and other serious health issues.  If you’ve been using your CPAP therapy for some time and notice a change in your alertness or simply feel like your machine isn’t working as properly as it once did, it’s better to be safe than sorry and talk to your doctor.

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If you’re noticing any changes, it’s possible that your machine may need to be recalibrated, especially after long periods of use.  Recalibrating your machine is as easy as bringing it into your doctor’s office or local sleep lab or health clinic and letting them know your concerns.  They’ll likely take your machine and calibrate it to the desired settings to fit your unique therapy needs, allowing you to get back to your restful night’s sleep.

If you feel as though machine calibration did not do the trick, however, it is always possible your therapy needs have changed.  It’s best to talk with your doctor about your concerns and keep an open dialogue about any changes you notice in your sleep habits or state during the day.  This can help to cue them in and keep you feeling your best.  Remember, your CPAP machine is unique to you and keeping it running optimally is the best way to ensure you’re receiving the highest quality therapy possible.

Hopefully you now have a better understanding of how to ensure your machine is working properly, but it is best to talk to your doctor to sort out any further issues.

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