Featured Product: The AirFit 20 Mask Series

ResMed’s newest line of masks is finally here!  The AirFit 20 mask series is ResMed’s most comfortable series yet, featuring quite a few key features to keep you sleeping soundly throughout the night.  Let’s start with the basics.  This mask comes with all of the basics that you’ve come to know and love about the ResMed series.  The AirFit 20 series is meant to allow easy disconnection from your therapy for brief pauses.  A quick release elbow allows you to remove your tubing from your mask if you need to get up momentarily, while the magnetic quick release headgear straps allow you to take your mask off completely to get that glass of water.  One of our favorite features of the mask is the flexible mask frame.  It bends and flexes with your unique facial contours to ensure there are none of those uncomfortable tugs or pressure points that could wake you up, and they’ve added extra padding on the frame to ensure maximum comfort.


Already we can see that the AirFit 20 series was built for comfort!  One of the added features is the development of an InfinitySeal cushion.  This cushion was designed to be as soft as possible, resting around your nose for the nasal mask, or around your nose and mouth if you decide on the full face option.  This cushion was designed to create a firm seal without suctioning on too tight, allowing you to rest more comfortably.  Both the nasal and full face option are great; they allow a versatility in sleeping position that is hard to come by if you tend to toss and turn during the night.  There is even a stylish option in the AirFit ‘For Her’ mask.  This mask features a trendy pink mask frame set, perfect for the woman in your life.  It can certainly help you take your sense of personal style with you even while resting!  Whichever you choose, the AirFit 20 series offers one of the most low profile designs available on the market.  If you find yourself feeling claustrophobic in some of the masks you’ve tried, this series could be a good option as it sits a bit lower on the face and below the eyes.  Whatever you decide, the AirFit 20 series is sure to be making a big splash in the CPAP market!